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types of pain

Chiropractors can successfully evaluate, diagnose, and treat injuries acquired by both professional and recreational athletes. Treatment modality methods are specific to each individual injury. Contact Dr. Bindl today to discuss how she can assist with the treatment of your sports injury and get you back to your optimal level of performance.

Treatment will vary depending on the severity of the injury and the individual health needs. Some effective pain management techniques include but are not limited to: spinal adjustment, soft tissue work, passive and active range of motion, & prescribed exercises. The goal will be to get each individual back to their optimal level of function.

Sciatica is best described as pain radiating from the lower spine to your buttock, thigh, and sometimes calf muscle. Patients typically describe this painful condition as a sharp, burning, and stab-like feeling often accompanied by numbness and tingling. Spinal adjustments can remove nerve interference while assisting and restoring motion back into the affected joint which allows for increased mobility and proper function.

Neck pain may be attributed to numerous causes and conditions. Signs and symptoms include: numbness in upper extremities, muscle weakness, decreased range of motion, and radiating dull or sharp pain. Some treatment modalities to assist with this condition are spinal realignment, soft tissue work, and both passive and active range of motion exercises.

At Bindl Chiropractic, Dr. Bindl works with all types of patients, but those who have been involved in car accidents can especially benefit from her services. As an auto accident chiropractor, she understands the side effects that can come as a result of an accident and works to help her patients regain control of their health one step at a time. As a chiropractor car accident specialist, patients are her focus, but these aren't the only people she treats.

Auto accidents and Workman's Comp cases are typically at 100% covered by the insurance company (meaning no out of pocket cost to you).

Headaches and migraines are another common patient complaint that can be treated by chiropractors. Signs and symptoms may include but are not limited to: neck muscles tension, visual disturbances, throbbing sensation, difficulty concentrating, etc. This condition is often treated with spinal adjustments in conjunction with soft tissue work. If headaches/migraines are not treated promptly there is potential to have an increase in intensity, frequency, and duration. Call Dr. Bindl today to get on a path to finding relief.

Low back pain is one of the most common conditions treated by chiropractors. It is also one of the most frequent conditions in which patients seek out treatment for. There are numerous causes for low back pain. For example, low back pain can be attributed to skeletal irregularities, osteoporosis, bulging or ruptured disks, inflammation and injury due from skeletal muscle, tissue, and or ligament sprain or strain. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of low back pain include: muscle ache, radiating pain, limited flexibility, inability to perform activities of daily living without discomfort, inability to stand up straight, sit for extended periods of time, or bend at the waist.


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